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Boys Bollywood - Hip Hop
Mixing it up with the style Bollywood Fusion, Hip Hop, and Ballroom Dances we offer classes for Boys as well.
KATHAK DANCE has developed into a spectacular dance form, charged with lightning movements, emphasizing pirouettes (CHAKKARS) and footwork, while keeping its expressive quality.
Adult Bollywood Workshops
A 10 Week Workshop for Adults Young at Heart. Dance to your favorite Bollywood Tunes. DANCE - GET FIT - HAVE FUN

What We Offer

Kathak is the movement of India, it’s how we communicate and how we share our experiences. It has influenced every dance to come out of our country. From Bollywood fusion dances to Indian Folk dancing. In essence, Kathak is India.

Indianica Academy is at the forefront of bringing South Asian Performing Arts to America. In particular to the residents of New York and New Jersey, who wish to experience our culture first hand. When we say first hand we do actually mean first hand.

We offer simply the best culturally accurate Kathak dance instruction in the USA, (from non other than Ms. Padma Khanna).

We also offer Bollywood, Indian Folk Dances, Western pop, Bollywood Fusion, Hip Hop, and Ballroom Dances too.

When you join us, either as an ongoing student of the art form or as a complete novice wanting to learn from the ground up, we welcome you. We came from humble beginnings and we will always stay humble. Our purpose is to be inclusive.

Our Academy is really YOUR academy. We want you to jump in and immerse yourself in the beauty and majesty of our culture.

The Annual Cultural Bonanza

“Come watch our budding stars entice you with their ravishing dances in all different styles from the fine art of Kathak to the playfully spirited Bollywood! Our students at Indianica have worked hard all year to prepare for this show and impress YOU with their mesmerizing talent!


One of the key points we always stress when it comes to choosing us, is Chamakte Sitaaray (Shining Stars)- OUR ANNUAL CULTURAL BONANZA. It is the focal point of the year. A chance for every student to come together at whatever stage they are at, and showcase all they have learned. The beauty of this, is the guests we invite. Some of the most popular names in Bollywood come to us and take part in this annual extravagance. With crowds over 1000 guests, it really spotlights the students and gives them a taste of the fine art of Kathak to playfully spirited Bollywood. It’s also a full evening of entertainment with several . It’s a platform for the students. Something we have done for the past 18 years. Something no other institute in the TRI-STATE has done this.



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