Thank you for your interest in teaching positions with Indianica Academy. This page will give you an idea of our philosophy of teaching and our ideas on how our school can best meet the needs of our students and teachers.
If you are interested in applying for a teaching position after reading  our website please email your resume to
No Phone Calls Please. Only suitable applicants will be contacted for an interview.


Indianica Academy is a privately owned school that was founded in 1996. Indianica Academy is at the forefront of bringing South Asian Performing Arts to America. In particular to the residents of New York and New Jersey, who wish to experience our culture first hand. When we say first hand we do actually mean first hand. We offer simply the best culturally accurate Kathak dance instruction in the USA, (from non other than Ms. Padma Khanna). We also offer Bollywood, Indian Folk Dances, Western pop, Bollywood Fusion, Hip Hop, and Ballroom Dances too. Our Academy is really YOUR academy. We want you to jump in and immerse yourself in the beauty and majesty of our culture.


Dance Teaching Positions


Bollywood and or Folk Dance Positions

There are several places you can teach dance around the New Jersey area . Why should you consider teaching with us?

As a dance teacher you have several different studios you can choose to teach in. If you have freedom to express your artistic style through your teaching, the main difference will be how the organization of the studio affects your satisfaction and ability to focus on your teaching.

Here are reasons why dance teachers choose to teach at Indianica Academy:

  1. Small class sizes.
    We limit class sizes to make classes easier to control and monitor for teachers and to give more personalized attention to students. Our classes for ages 6 and up are limited to a maximum of 12 students per class.
  2. Full time administrative support.
    In many studios there is no receptionist on duty. This means that the teachers are faced with administration details when they should be concentrating on teaching. We have full time front desk administrative staff during class times to handle routine questions and details that arise.
  3. Extras are taken care of.
    We try to take care of all of the extra details throughout the year. Teachers are not required to collect any fees. We also take care of all the organization of yearly recitals. We try to have everything well organized so the teachers are free to concentrate on teaching and nothing else.


Kathak Teaching Internship

This is an excellent opportunity to grow and be in the tutelage of Our Guru and Organizer is the renowned cine artiste Ms. Padma Khanna.
She belongs to holy city of Benares (Varanasi) which is home to some of the best vocalist, percussionist & dancers. Padmaji is a Kathak proponent of Banaras Gharana for more than five decades. She has been dancing Kathak, and acting in Indian Movies and TV for more than 4 decades. She has been known as “The Dancing Queen of Indian Cinema” and acted in more than 300 Bollywood movies. She also acted as Kaikeyi in the famous TV Serial “Ramayan”.